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We solve B2B problems through five major innovation services with the aim to bring people & ideas together to co-create our future.

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Our Services

Company building

This hands-on operational service is dedicated for startups and entrepreneurs-to-be. We guide you through the digital jungle by providing your startup with interdisciplinary competences from the design, business or tech community that help you out where you are lacking competence.

Since every startup has different challenges during their growth journey we usually start with a introduction meeting followed by an individual company building proposal to help you out where your startups needs competence, access or motivation most.

Venture building

In a highly competitive, yet rapidly changing business world it ischallenging to create, capture and deliver additional value for existing or newcustomers. Yet, business model innovation of products and services are the onlyway to build competitive advantage to remain successful.

Together with the venture building crew, we identify true customer pain points,test and validate them to open the solution diamond to ideate a product orservice that delivers a true value proposition for your customers coupled withthe most suitable business model.

Ecosystem Building

Already Peter Drucker describes the urge for innovative disruption - also for sky rocking corporation back in 1985. These companies often overestimate their position and underestimate the rapidly changing market environments. This statement holds true even more today. It is thus of utmost importance to position a strong brand as the rule-maker, rather the rule-taker.

Companies that what to co-create in a (digital) business ecosystem can create, deliver and capture value by opening their value chain and exchange insights, competence and ideas to deliver new products & services or novel business models. This can generate a true value-add for firms by increasing customer loyalty, attracting new customer, reducing price sensitivity and generating proprietary data. This ultimately can result in new data-driven digital business models.

Digital Business Advisory

We empower corporations/ SMEs and their employees with adigital-mindset, new agile working methods and the right digital tools to findtheir way through the digital jungle.

Developing a digital strategy or business ecosystem strategy with the C-Level,however staying until it is successfully implemented can be a competitiveadvantage in this rapidly changing times.

We share our “best-practices” from various digital transformation projects thatprovides us the authenticity and expertise to enable you with value-addingworking methodologies, approaches and new ways of thinking that are wellunderstood and appreciated by your employees. #powerofnice

Investor office

Innovation is never just one event, but a process of discovery, development and transformation. Although it is capital intensive, it is our most valuable asset, as it adds true value in the market by increasing both capital and labor. The matching process between startups and investors (Angels, CVs, CVCs) is our way to contribute to the never-ending entrepreneurship journey.

Our investor desk helps with the matching process between leading startups and strong investors. If you are interested to hear more about this, please reach out to Ronja (as a startup or investor).

The Investor is another strong vehicle to strengthen the investor ecosystem to accelerate startup growth in Europe by increasing their ticket sizes. The next is from June 21 - 25. Get inspired or inspire our community.

Way of Working

Our digital mindset & curiosity leads us to the latest
"best-practices" in the field of innovation.

Design Thinking

We love diamonds.
Especially the problem and solution diamond. We have a deep market understanding and help our partners to analyze the market from a customer-centricity and problem-based perspectives to actually create value that is also warmly welcomed.

Lean Startup

Build. Measure. Learn.
Increasing complexity in product & service development coupled with shorter lifecycles makes it continuously more difficult to create real value-add for customers. It is our passion to help you focus to accelerate your digital business model.


Some R&D projects need clear RACIs and Waterfall diagrams. In the vast majority of digital innovation ventures, an agile working approach with sprints between 1-4 weeks guide the venture crew to flexible solution orientated product or service development.

Open Innovation

Innovation managers need to decide where and how they aim to create, deliver and capture value for their customer & shareholders. Open innovation can be the strategic lever to get access to external sources and ideas. We help you evaluate the opportunities and threats of open innovation in your ecosystem.

Community Approach

We believe it's necessary to collaborate with different disciplines, to create the best digital product.

Each community brings in valuable insights, competences, perspectives and interests. While there are peaks for each community the collaboration and continues information exchange is key to develop a customer-centric solution that captures the maximum value creation for one digital solution.

Here it can help to build upon heterogenic backgrounds and fill
the lacking competences with an outside-in view.

Are you an innovator yet?

We are looking forward to navigate you through the different dimensions
of the zero to one digital product journey.

Venture Crew